Rose of Sharon Christian Leadership Institute,  (ROSCLI) a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is the first stage of a global idea to transform everyday people into mighty men and women of God with the purpose of transforming people, cities and nations.  Through Christian education based on biblical truths and  through transformational leadership skills,  we want to instill in young men and women a well grounded foundation of the Word of God; teach them to learn to lead  from within  and nurture the growth of self and others;   to initiate and direct transformation to become effective transformational leaders in the marketplace and impact their environment. 
 Our vision is to develop in these students high level thinking skills and to lead them to a journey of self discovery and divine destiny. Therefore, ROSCLI will serve as a catalyst to train young and adult nationals to become effective leaders and impact their nation.



Our mission is to take youth and adult nationals and train them through the Word of God who is the source of truth and through transformational leadership skills to become effective Christian leaders who will impact their communities in every facet of society and transform their nation and impact the world.


Rose of Sharon Christian Leadership Institute primary goal in Haiti is to train youth and adult nationals through biblical truth and transformational leadership skills  to become effective transformational Christian leaders in the marketplace, who will collaborate and build effective relationship  who will impact their society and transform their city.  Our desire  is  to promote awareness of rights and duties of each citizen to respect life, to respect and protect the environment and to equip them to take responsibility for themselves, the governing authority and society.

Notre Philosophie: Integrité. Honnêteté. Centré Sur Dieu

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Autoroute de Delmas 28, #178, en face Delmas 9, Port-au-Prince, Haiti


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