Words From Our Graduates

I am Sainlus Patricia, 21 years old, I live in Delmas 19. I spent two years at ROSCLI (Rose of Sharon Christian Leadership Institute). This institution helped me a lot. I learned: How to forgive, How to cultivate integrity, Savoir-vivre, respect, love, ROSCLI also helps me to know God more and more Etc … I said a big thank you to God and to ROSCLI.

I am Spencia Sainlus born February 5, I live in Haiti in a single-parent family, I have two sisters, I am the youngest in my family. I like to joke but wise, understanding, jovial and very caring. ROSCLI taught me many things such as forgiving, loving even your enemies and being obedient to the voice of God. Thank God for using the staff of this establishment and for guiding me to them. A ROSCLI it is trust, it’s a therapy session in Christ.

I am Conte Judelande, student of ROSCLI. It is a school that transforms ordinary people into extraordinary people. As soon as I arrived at ROSCLI, I felt in a very different way spiritually, socially and economically. The way I behave, act and think have changed. It was really waoh!. My faith in God  increased. ROSCLI is my ideal.

I  am Gisele Montoban.  From january 2012 to  2014 , I noticed these transformations in my life:
ROSCLI being a super natural school,  trained me spiritually, morally, socially and financially.
1) Spiritual transformation
My relationship with God becomes tighter, and I noe  the fear of the Lord. Today my behavior have changed, my way of acting is totally different than before.  Before I used to think with my strength, I cando  everything but now  i let God act for me.  I  became a strong, courageous woman who is ready to fight despite all odds while trusting  on the Holy Spirit of the living God.  It is at ROSCLI that I learned that the Holy Spirit is really a person. Today I can differentiate between the voice of God and that of the evil one. With the word of God that I put into practice,  my burdens become lighter and sometimes I ignore them.
2) Moral and social transformation
Previously working for efficiency has not been my goal but through thinking that says “Mediocrity is not an option” Since then, I began to use self-discipline to improve my character and my results.
I start working to be able to cultivate a very strong character. Before being at ROSCLI, I did not have this plan. Now  my vision is to start to train others with me, because I learned in ROSCLI that you cannot succeed alone.
3) Financial Transformation
a) Today I know that lazy people can not get anywhere, so to get there or to find financial means, you have to work tirelessly.
b) Know how to manage what you have, because Jesus said if someone can not manage a small fortune, he will not be able to handle a big one either.
At ROSCLI, in the teachings, we were taught all these things.

I am Franchini Désir a serious girl, hardworking, student at ROSCLI and I am proud to be part of this school because through this school I learned a lot about the life of Jesus, I know who I am. In ROSCLI I live life in another way. During these two years, I have a lot of experience with Jesus, I receive a lot more blessing because I live closer to him since those two years.

I am Germima Kisha Duverger,I am  a ROSCLI graduate. I thank God for this school. It  was in God’s plans  to send me to that school.  first it makes me grow, second it always help me in my daily life. God always has a word for me in all my situations.
                        I thank God for sister manette, the owner of this school; thank God for  this supernatural school.

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