ROSCLI Job Service

Our Vision

ROSCLI JOB SERVICE aims to improve the economic stability and prosperity of the Haitian people by focusing on helping low-skilled workers overcome the many obstacles in their path by supporting them through counseling sessions, training and work placement.

Notre Mission

Our mission is to reveal the potential of each individual who steps foot at ROSCLI and help them reach their dream jobs or career aspiration to curve down the poverty rate and become sustainable and help others. We want to link employers with trained job seekers to promote a striving prosperous nation.

 1. Job Opportunities– Looking for your first job or a career in transition, contact us now.
2. Recruitment of workers, fill your vacancy with active job seekers in our system.
3. Career guidance and training for job seekers, and new graduates, we will provide you with the necessary assets to ensure your success.

Resume & Interview Preparation

We write your resume so you can get more interviews. We make you looks very professional, with the right wording that makes a big difference! Once you landed an interview, we prepare you for the interview to boost your chance to get the job desired.

The future awaits you and ROSCLI Job Service is with you. So what are you waiting for to contact us and start your career? Contact Us at 509-3435-3287 or or visit us at Autoroute de Delmas 28, #178, En face Delmas 9, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

ROSCLI Nursing Network

ROSCLI Nursing Network is a nurse placement service to serve the Haitian community by ensuring that patients can receive an exceptional level of home care during a difficult time. Our mission is to provide high quality professional nursing care with integrity and compassion. We believe that every life matters.

Through the network, we can also support hospitals and clinics when they are short-staffed while providing hard-working nurses with the opportunity to achieve a better work-life balance.

Our values

  • Customer Satisfaction – We aim to provide a service that is guided by the needs of our customers and seek to fill positions with our most reliable and efficient staff.
  • Efficiency – Responding to the needs of our customers in a timely and professional manner.
  • Quality– Deliver a service that provides efficient, reliable, attentive staff selected according to our rigorous criteria.
  • Teamwork – Work with our clients and staff to function with optimal use of available resources.
  • Learning – We understand that the education and training of nurses is integral to their professionalism and development.
  • Respect – We recognize the value of each individual. No one will be discriminated against regardless of gender, race, disability or religion.
  • Integrity – We perform our duties ethically with honesty and responsibility

We believe that in order to thrive in the workplace, everyone should feel included and valued. RRI will constantly work to maintain a culture of inclusiveness that encourages and supports all people to achieve their best. We believe that the diversity of the nursing workforce enables us to provide the highest quality care to all patients in all healthcare settings.

Register your specialty with us:

• Recovery nurse .•Intensive care •Urgent Care • Pediatric • Mentally ill • Care of the Elderly • Educators.

New graduate: Possibility of internship and training

Contact us for more information at +509 3435-3287 via e-mail at or visit us at Autoroute de Delmas 28, #178, Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

ROSCLI Reference Network

ROSCLI Referral Service is an independent registration service committed to ethical conduct and moral integrity in the business world to help establish, support, maintain and promote the development of legitimate, fully reputable and respected individuals or businesses  in order to provide reliable service to the community.

Individuals or registered businesses must be committed to providing excellent service and must be properly equipped and competent in their work; promote ethical rules, financial integrity.

Housekeepers, electricians, plumbers, handymen, driver, secretaries, caterers, or cook, register your talents with us to grow your business.

Contact us for more information at +509 3435-3287 or visit us at Autoroute de Delmas 28, #178, Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

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