On behalf of the Rose of Sharon Christian Leadership Institute, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and ROSCLI Global Education Assistance Fund we believe that we are on this earth for a purpose greater than our self. Our journey is about loving one another. Although Haiti is known as one of the poorest nation of the hemisphere, in Haiti rests the greatest minds.  Haitians are resilient, strong and hard working individuals and that is why this country is struggling against all odds to rise up. Because of mismanagement and ill hearted people, people are not given an opportunity to grow and to shine. 
God has called us to help and support one another. We started Rose of Sharon Christian Leadership Institute with our personal funds and we have seen students come and go for various reasons. We have come to understand that people do not want to be qualified as poor but poverty lies in the heart and mind of the people. Their riches are hidden under the hard core of influential insensitive cold-hearted individuals who do not want the strong-minded Haitians to rise by keeping them uneducated. Through our transformational leadership program, we believe that the poverty mentality and reality can be eradicated in this rich God given country.
Here is the dilemma. Haitians will not attend non paying schools because it is like having a stigma that you are poor and no one wants that stigma.  Schools systems came up with a strategy to charge high upfront fees knowing that the probability for students to dropout throughout the school year is high as they cannot continue to pay the monthly recurring costs. We have started the program and see the difference that it makes in the life of those who have graduated. We want to give more students the opportunity to participate. We need your help to build hope and keep hope alive for Haiti’s tomorrow’s leaders. No amount is too small. It is just important that you do.  Listed below are the projects for your consideration.

If God moves on your heart to support our Tuition Assistance program, please donate via PayPal.

Tuition Assistance 

With the devaluation of the gourde and the cost of living, an estimated yearly tuition for a paid program amount to 50,000 to 75,000 gourdes, which equate to 625 to 940 USD, (Current rate of 80 gourdes for 1 dollar as of 03/07/2019). It is extremely hard for a low-income family to send their children to school and to keep them in school when 85% of the population average earnings is very low. Please see USAID Education Fact Sheet for more info.   
 Your donation will brighten and ensure a better future of a student’s life one at a time.

Urgent Care Center and Medical Training Center

People die every day in Haiti due to lack of basic care. Rose of Sharon Christian Leadership Institute need your help to set up an urgent care center to provide the basic needs of unscheduled medical care for anyone in needs regardless of financial status. We have the location. What we need is equipment and funds to sustain the cost of health care to save lives.
There are a large number of nurses without jobs. We want to train home care nurses who can tend to patients outside of a hospital setting. People avoid going to hospitals because they do not have the means to pay for treatment. Right now people are dying from basic infections and illnesses.  Trained nurses can save lives. Your support can help save lives. 


The lack of adequate transportation is a stressful for students who have to wait and fight for a seat in overcrowded tap taps or buses. After longs waits, many walk long distance to get home rather than continue to wait as the probability to get on is minimal.  A reliable transportation will provide peace of minds for parents and students, will promote interaction and ensure students get to and from school safely. 
Your donations can help provide safe and reliable transportation for students.

Housing Assistance

In our leadership program, our students struggle because of the environment they are in. They often live without adequate housing or shelter. A typical low income family in Haiti consists of parents, brother and sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles sometimes all living in one to 2 bedrooms homes with no running water nor indoor showers and bathroom. They live in a primitive lifestyle and the environment is not conducive to learning. We are teaching them they can change their lives but once they return in their real world, it is hard to believe it can happen because of the setting they are living in.  Our goal is not just provide them with a new mindset but a new environment during their studies, they will have the strength to move on and come out of the poverty stricken environment.
Donate to brighten the heart and minds of a new generation

Teachers Assistance Funds

Teachers should be compensated as they are the primary trainers of the young minds who will become the leaders of tomorrow. Unfortunately with the scare resources of the education system in Haiti, many spend months without getting paid. Your gift will help us provide a decent salary to our teachers.

ROSCLI Hibiscus Elementary School

We are training high school and college level students. What if we could start earlier? Early education has the most profound impact on an educational level. Changing the future in Haiti lies in a strong educational foundation for its children. Your gift will allow us to equip a new generation of children geared to lead and succeed.

ROSCLI House of Hope

Homeless people, adults and children need a place where they can rest in their wandering from life struggles and despair. We want them to come in where they can get a meal, shower, and sleep until they can move on. Our hope is to get children off the streets and to school and to get them integrated in to our community and become the person God created them to become.
Your donation will bring hope and a smile those who feel lonely and helpless!

Single Mom Support

 As I was teaching budgeting in our business administration class, I asked the students to make a daily budget to record their income and expenses. One student asked why a debt column was not included in the daily budget. To which I was very surprised and asked why she needed to include one. She explained as a teacher and a single mom of 2 girls, she has to buy on credit from locals’ street merchants to get any essential items. Her salary is 7000 gourdes per year which is equivalent to 73 dollars for the year (at today’s rate of 95 gourdes for a US dollar). The school fees for the most decent school in her neighbourhood cost her 6000 gourdes for the year that is 63 dollars. It does not take much to understand that she does not earn enough to even buy food. So, this fund is to support single mothers who do not have any support or means to afford their basic needs or have nowhere to turn to for assistance. A child’s life is too precious when we spend so much on futility.

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