Integrity. Honesty. God Centered. 

Our goal is for each student to find himself and experience the transforming power of the Word of God; to develop in these nationals the desire to strive for excellence and to become leaders in their fields of study and give back to the community by providing affordable service to their constituents.  Our objective is to see thousands trained yearly, impacting our city, uprooting corruption  turning cities to become a truly Christian nation where everyone reaches one in our everyday living for the glory of God.

As a man thinks, so is he!

Identity & Destiny 

In order for you to know who you are, you have to know the creator and for what purpose you were created.  This module will concentrate on teaching the student about God, His attributes and His purpose for every living being.  The art of connecting with God through prayer and meditating on the Word of God will be taught in this module.

Part II Biblical Communications

The second part will concentrate on teaching the student about who God says he is.  The student will receive instructions on how to live life through Christ examples and teachings; how to resolve conflicts among themselves; how to develop respect for authority. We will encourage active participation in our teaching to draw out of every student their hidden potential.

Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit

This module will draw out of the old and new testament what God says concerning our body, to maintain good health and nutritional habits. We will promote physical health and teach good stewardship of the body God has entrusted to us through activities requiring cooperation and general good sportsmanship. 

This module will seek to train the students in self discipline; develop a servant’s heart by teaching attitudes of love and respect for all mankind; encourage the students to seek and obey the will of God; encourage and assist the student in understanding their special calling and equip them to use it for God’s glory in His kingdom.

Love your neighbor as yourself

Part 1. This module will concentrate on teaching the students about  the principles of the kingdom of God. Laws prevail  in every area of our life.  Unless you know the laws of the kingdom of God, you cannot fully experience the benefits of the Kingdom of God.

​Part 2.  Love your neighbor in action. All the 10 commandments of the Old Testament   are summed up in two laws:  Love the Lord Your God and  love your neighbor as yourself.  This module will put a great emphasis on the creative skills of each student to put together a group project that brings out this truth to light.  As Christian leaders, these students will develop  a spirit of entrepreneurship that will be nurtured and encouraged to provide or create services for the community.