Roscli Board of Directors

Rose of Sharon Christian Leadership Institute is governed by a 6 member board of trustees responsible for keeping our program in line with the vision of the institute, for the implementation and maintenance of well grounded Christian education program able to transform everyday people into respectable, professional  Christ like citizens for the glory of God. The first person is Invisible. Guess who?

​M. Manette Carisma, Administrative Dean
Mrs. Judi Fiore, Strategic Planning
Elizabeth F. Edouard, Secretary
Gian Fiore, Treasurer
 Patrick Fiore, Advisor

Our Faculty

M. Manette Carisma | Biblical & Business Communications,
​Leadership Classes

With more than 35 years of managerial experience under her belt,  she worked for nearly 26 years for the Miami-Dade county Publics schools where she served as Manager and coordinator for the department of Transportation. She graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Master in Business Administration in Crisis and Emergency Management. She is also a graduate of Alpha and Omega Bible Institute.  Ms. Carisma is a natural leader driven to motivate teams to exceed business goals and target. She possesses a high degree of integrity and an outstanding work ethic as well as strong qualities.

Gina Jean-Louis | identity & destiny / Business administration

Mrs. Gina Jean Louis, has spent more than 20 years as owner and manager of Red Star Market in Port-au-Prince; a graduate chemistry major from the University of chicago, she is also a graduate of Bible Studies and a prayer warrior. She teaches Identity and Destiny and business Administration She is currently a Pastor at Partenaire Chretien church, the President of Hospital Ministry at that same church and President of Eucalyptus guest House.

SPencia Sainlus | Human Resource Coordinator

Ms. Spencia is a graduate in leadership of the first promotion of ROSCLI. She started as a receptionist and moved up quickly as Administrative Assistant then Coordinator. She hold a degree in Business Management and a certificate in planning and project management. Spencia enjoys doing research and is an avid listener of contemporary music and a performer of worship dancing.

Feguens Jules | information technology

 Feguens Jules,  a graduate student in Information technology is also a poet and a writer.  He enjoys teaching IT.  He is committed more than ever  to take his students to the next level. He is pushing himself to seek God more than ever  so he can first transform himself and  be an agent of change  wherever God takes him.

Robert Ileus Louis | Teacher

Robert is a passionate Pastor at Haitian Partners church and a devoted worshipper who seeks God’s presence and wants to live in His presence. He  is striving to take ROSCLI to new heights where students can make their career dream  become reality. He  challenges his students to encounter God and to strive to know Him so they can know who they are.

Sophonie Prudent Louis | teacher

Sophonie is an Economy graduate with a minor in accounting. She loves numbers and teaches French and Methology. She  is passionate about  God and all  that has to do with reading and documentation. She is very meticulous and always in search of knowledge. These classes allow the students to be disciplined in their writings and in their presentations. 

Vonia Floriant Berger | worship & praise

A graduate student in theology and  of Rose of Sharon Christian leadership Institute, Vonia  can take you to new heights in God as she teaches her students worship & praise.  Worship leader of Christian Partners Church, Mrs. Vonia is passionate and challenges her students to understand the importance of praise and worship in the believer’s life.