Our Leadership

Roscli Board of Directors

Rose of Sharon Christian Leadership Institute is governed by a 6 member board of trustees responsible for keeping our program in line with the vision of the institute, for the implementation and maintenance of well grounded Christian education program able to transform everyday people into respectable, professional  Christ like citizens for the glory of God. The first person is Invisible. Guess who?

​M. Manette Carisma, President
Mrs. Judi Fiore, Strategic Planning
Elizabeth F. Edouard, Secretary
Gian Fiore, Treasurer
 Patrick Fiore, Advisor

About President M. Manette Carisma

President Manette is committed to advance ROSCLI mission through the pursuit of three overarching priorities. With more than 35 years of managerial experience under her belt,  she worked for 26 years for the Miami-Dade county Publics schools where she served as Manager and coordinator for the department of Transportation. She graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Master in Business Administration and a minor in Crisis and Emergency Management. She is also a graduate of Alpha and Omega Bible Institute.  Ms. Carisma is a natural leader driven to motivate teams to exceed business goals and target. She possesses a high degree of integrity and an outstanding work ethic as well as strong qualities.


We are committed to sustain and enhance academic distinction, by investing in the university’s faculty and students to become distinctive and become the leaders of tomorrow in their fields of study. She supports an environment where faculty thrive as teachers and researchers, and builds on distinctive strength of its breadth of expertise, and its ability to collaborate across disciplinary boundaries.

To support a culture of educational enthusiasm within and beyond the ROSCLI community, she encourages investment in new, evidence-based approaches to teaching and learning, and she also promotes the exploration of technologies that encourage students to develop critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving and teamwork skills that prepare them for the necessary work of educated global citizens; which leads our students to a lifetime of discovery, a passion for ideas, and a commitment to seeking truth.

We want to promote civic responsibility leading our faculty, students, staff, and alumni by acting as responsible citizens participating in church and government, voluntary associations displayed through political, civic , environmental and economic advocacy.

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